This is outside of my platform but having been to Venice this year, it breaks my
heart seeing all these flooding happening on a city with so much history.

I just want to provide a little contribution, not only from my side but also listing
information here on how can you help Venice and their very friendly people.
May 30, 2019    Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy    November 12, 2019

Venice flood statistics (flood is called Acqua Alta in Venice):

- Flood level on November 12, 2019: 6.2 feet or 1.87 meters (second highest flood
level since 1897)
- 80% of the city flooded
- Flood level on November 15, 2019: 5.1 feet or 1.54 meters (seventh highest flood
level since 1897)
- Flood level on November 17, 2019: 4.9 feet or 1.5 meters (nineth highest flood level
since 1897)
- Flood level modern record keeping date back to 1897
- Moon phase: full moon (full moon tends to bring higher tides)
- Saint Mark's Basilica was flooded (it only flooded 6 times in the last 1200 years with
4 of these floods happening in the last 20 years)
the floods but there are other factors such as sea level rise due to climate change.

Map credit:

Relative sea level has risen about 25 cm (9.8 in) in Venice in the 100 years ending in
2012. About half of the this was due to human-caused global sea level rise, and the
other half from subsidence due to natural and human causes. This included
compaction of the soil from centuries of building, plus pumping of fresh water from an
aquifer beneath the lagoon between the 1920s and early 1970s. The rate of
subsidence slowed down by a factor of four after officials put a stop to ground water
The graph above shows the number of floods equal or higher than 110 cm from 1872
to 2018 (graph credit: City of Venice)

It is clear that the number of floods in Venice are increasing over the years so the
tendency is to get worse.

How can we help:

- Purchase products from local artisans
- Support official organizations
- Help local general initiatives
- Visit Venice (it is an unforgettable place)

Links to each one of these ways to help the Venetians are available at the following
article from the Venice Insider:

How to help Venice and the Venetians after the Acqua Alta