This year of 2020 has been really very difficult for all of us.
With the COVID-19 disease spreading all over the world, I
decided to replace my birthday party, defined for December
19, 2020, for a remote charity event that will focus on helping
the victims of the typhoon Vamco (known as Ulysses in the
Philippines) in Alcala town, Cagayan Valley region in the
Philippines. I am working with the Miss Worldwide
International organization for this event.

On November 1, the world’s strongest typhoon of the year,
Super Typhoon Goni, made landfall in the Philippines. One
week later, Typhoon Vamco struck. The typhoons have
caused loss of life, injuries and destroyed homes and
businesses across the country. To add to the devastation,
many of the same communities that were heavy-hit by Super
Typhoon Goni were re-visited by Typhoon Vamco.

Super Typhoon Goni, (known as Typhoon Rolly in country)
and Typhoon Vamco (known as Typhoon Ulysses in country)
have affected more than 1.6 million people. In addition,
severe flooding is occurring in different provinces throughout
the country. Both typhoons come at a time when the
Philippines is already suffering from a surge of COVID-19
infections in country. Currently, the Philippines has the
largest rate of COVID-19 infections in southeast Asia, second
only to Indonesia.
I am creating this fund raising to help the families displaced by Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) in
Alcala, Cagayan Valley in the Philippines. I will be exchanging my birthday party this year for
this campaign. I would like to ask your support in helping Alcala. If you were planning to have
any expense towards my birthday this year, I would like to ask you to let me send that amount
to Alcala.

100% of the funding will go directly to those in need. We are available to receive the donations
in person but for those who are not immediately reachable, we are opening a Gofundme event:

Click here to go to the Gofundme Event.

Please, use Gofundme only if we can't reach you. If you are local or if you can send over the
mail, we can go to your place or receive directly which is a preferable option.

Thank you for your support and contribution.

See below the first distribution to 153 displaced families in Alcala:
Help me help the victims of typhoon Vamco (Ulysses)
The photo above shows the publication from the Barangay Piggatan who coordinated the
distribution. They have published a series of photos of the event.
Click here if you want to see
the full article on Facebook.

I want to thank everyone who participated or donated to this campaign. Alcala and myself are
very grateful for your support.

The photos below show all the contributors to this campaign. Thank you all. You made a
difference in Alcala, Cagayan Valley, Philippines!
On the day of my birthday, December 19, 2020, I will host a Zoom meeting to provide a report
on the results for this campaign. The meeting will be at 3:00PM EST. If you would like to
participate in the Zoom meeting, please,
CLICK HERE at the time defined above.