Rafaela faces the same problems as several students with disability such as

The final objective is for Nicole Haragutchi to visit Rafaela in Brazil to try to
provide her personal encouragement and strength to face the difficulties of life.

Can you also sponsor Rafaela?

You can sponsor her sending videos or helping her purchase kitchen utensils
that she will use to learn the art of cooking.

For videos, you can send us in any format and we will add here.
For kitchen utensils, Rafaela is in need of:

- Fouet: US$6.00
- Measuring cups: $1.50
- Pepper and salt grinder: $25.00
- Hamburger press: $8.00
- Kitchen scale: $5.00
- Pasta maker: $90.00

You can sponsor Rafaela partially or in full. Let us know.
All sponsorships will be posted here including your photo and message and
Rafaela's message back if it is OK with you.

Nicole has created a cooking video to be able to get funding for Rafaela.
If you can, please, vote for Nicole and Rafaela video below:
Meet Rafaela, 12 years old, from Ribeirao
Preto in Brazil! Rafaela has a mild case of
autism and her dream is to be a cook!

The "If You Can Dream" Foundation will be
supporting Rafaela through the following:

1) Encouragement: Nicole Haragutchi is
going to be a video pal for Rafaela,
providing her support and encouragement
not only on her dreams but in her life.

2) Cooking: We will be working on getting
funding to support Rafaela's dream,
starting with cooking utensils that are going
to be listed here and then going to cooking
To vote for Rafaela and Nicole, go to the baking competition page, find her
video and click on the Like button under it. We thank you for your support!