On September 11, 2019 I visited
the Morning Star School for the
disabled to deliver a school supply
drive that I organized as seen on
the photo here.

I was received very well by the
students and staff and one of the
asks I had was for the students to
tell me what are the dreams they
want to achieve.

One of the dreams was something
that would be of benefit to all
students so I started working on
getting the base required for that
Christopher wrote:
"I want to become a storm chaser in Texas!"

I am creating a campaign to provide
Christopher with a roadmap for his dream
and, at the same time, provide the students
with important information.

I would like to bring the Texas Storm
Chasers who would provide a class on
extreme weather to all the students and
define a roadmap that Christopher can use
to turn his dream to reality.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
Please, help me bring a storm to Morning Star School for the student with disability!
We need to raise $75 to provide this class to the students!
You can either contact me or donate through the
fund raising campaign!