Meet Ambassador Maria Helena Algeri (on the left),
our representative in Cascavel, Brazil. Maria Helena
has been doing a great work with several volunteer
that she was able to assemble.
For this year Children's Day, October 12, 2020 we
partnered with "Missao Notavel Amor" and Miss
Worldwide International to bring a smile on the face of
the children in need. The COVID-19 crisis made even
worse for the families with less resources in that
With enthusiasm and hard work
Maria Helena and her team also
did a great job during the peak of
the COVID-19 crisis in Brazil,
creating food packages to donate
for the families affected by the
crisis as seen here from April, 2020:
They not only distributed food but also
clothing and blankets when the weather
started getting cooler since the country
was getting ready for Winter on May, 2020.
For this work, they partnered with the
APAE of Cascavel, a school for the
student with special needs. They were
doing the same during those difficult
times. The photo on the right shows them
donating the clothes and blankets to
APAE for distribution.
The program as a whole brought
smile to the faces of 156 children
with limited resources. They were
very happy with the toys received.
We ourselves had a small
contribution on this total because it
was difficult to advertise Children's
Day on a different day than when it
is celebrated in the US but we plan
to increase our contribution next
The family on the right allowed us to publish their
photos. They are a family with 3 girls ages 4, 9 and 10,  
and 4 boys ages 8, 12, 14 and 7 months. They all live in
a very small place. They were very thankful for the gifts
we were able to provide them.