Bruna's Reception Party

Date and time: March 15, 2020 from
1:00PM to 3:00PM EST

283 Huffner Hill Circle,
Saint Augustine, FL 32092
Party Theme: Hawaiian

The Hawaiian theme is to provide a
more relaxed environment but we
are planning to showcase some of
the different cultures in the US and
from abroad.

Event sponsor: Nicole Haragutchi (8)
Student from Brazil: Bruna Cremer da Rocha (19)
Speech Therapist from APAE caring for Bruna: Maria Helena Algeri (26)

Event Program:

1:00PM to 1:15PM: Welcome Guests (Nicole, Bruna and Maria Helena, American
Teen Queens)
1:15PM to 1:20PM: Host Introduction (Isabelle DelosReyes)
1:20PM to 1:25PM: Nicole Haragutchi (Event Opening)
1:25PM to 1:30PM: Guest speakers: Bruna Cremer da Rocha and Maria Helena
1:30PM to 1:35PM: Guest Speaker: Sebastiao Nilso da Silva (APAE President from
1:35PM to 1:40PM: Guest Speaker: Meire Abe Vicente (Host in Cascavel from Brazil)
1:40PM to 1:45PM: Guest Speaker: Doctor Charlotte Gerry (Miss Nationals
American Teen)
1:45PM to 1:50PM: Guest Speaker: Nina Pias Trelli (CATVE Cascavel)
1:50PM to 1:55PM: Host Change (Abby Dickie)
1:55PM to 2:00PM: Abby Dickie dancing and teaching Sinulog (Filipino Dance)
2:05PM to 2:10PM: Muti-Cultural Club dancing Hawaiian
2:15PM to 2:20PM: Nicole dancing Salidumay (Filipino Dance)
2:20PM to 2:25PM: Multi-Cultural Club dancing Tiniklin (Filipino Dance)
2:25PM to 2:40PM: Bruna Cremer da Rocha and Maria Helena Algeri dancing
2:40PM to 2:45PM: Nicole Haragutchi (Event Closing)

This event will be covered by professional photographer Chris Seetaram from
Abiding Light.

This event will be broadcasted live through Facebook Live so the guests from Brazil
or any location can participate. Please, join the Facebook Group "Nicole, Bruna and
Maria Helena Live Broadcast" to be able to be notified when the live feed starts.

Click here to see Bruna and Maria Helena's full program in the US!

Please, note that the time in Brazil on March 15 will be 1 hour ahead of the time in
the East Coast of the United States. The actual broadcast time for Brazil will be from
14:00h to 16:00h.

Meet our guests:

Nicole Haragutchi              Bruna Cremer da Rocha            Maria Helena Algeri

Sebastiao Nilso      Meire Abe Vicente       Doctor Charlotte        Nina Pias Trelli
da Silva                                                              Gerry
Isabelle DelosReyes         Abby Dickie               Chris Seetaram
Abiding Light