Nicole Haragutchi received the Young
Miss Florida American Teen tittle on
June 26, 2019 with the platform of
supporting the students with disability.

Her favorite quote is:
"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

The If You Can Dream Foundation is
being created with the same principles
and its objective is to bring student
with disability's dreams into reality!

We are trying to make this a better
world, one dream at a time!
Nicole's platform is to support the disabled,
even if it is temporary.

Meet Aurora from Sao Paulo in Brazil.
Aurora has a condition called Otitis which
comes from time to time. It occurs when the
area behind the eardrum called the middle
ear becomes inflamed and infected.

When that happens, Aurora looses her
hearing capability which can be dangerous
because she will not notice that the phone
is ringing, the door bell is ringing or any
other audible signal that may prevent her
from going into a risky situation.

Since she has no other problem, she lives
by herself and her relatives cannot be in
touch with her when the Otitis attack.
To avoid such a communication problem we talked to her of a solution that would
be suitable to her living condition. This customized solution would be the use of
bracelets that would blink with a strong light when there is a loud sound near her,
alerting her of situations such as the phone or door bell ringing. By looking at the
blink rate of the bracelet, she can know what type of noise is creating that alarm.

We want to ask for your help in providing Aurora with these bracelets. They are
low cost and we could provide her with a number of them with about $50 which
includes shipping them to Brazil.

If you can help, please, go to the
Aurora fund-raising site.

Thank you for your support.