As of August 21, 2019 we were able to raise 100% of the $3,000.00 required to bring
the student. This gives us certainty that we will achieve our goal.
We are now moving to the next phase: planning their visit!
Click here for details of the fund raising campaign in Saint Augustine, FL!
Click here for details of the first fund raising campaign in Wilmington, NC!
Click here for details of the second fund raising campaign in Wilmington, NC!

On November 27, 2019 we were able to reach the most important milestone in the
program. The US Visas for Bruna Cremer da Rocha and Maria Helena Algeri were
approved! Thank you for all those who contributed to this program and listed in this
page below.
After an incredible visit to APAE, a school
for the disabled in Brazil, I decided to make
a dream come true to one of the students:
to visit Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL!

I am very excited about receiving the
student here!

Click here to see the Press Release for this
charity effort!
My sincere thanks to Bridgett
Matter and to the FOX30 Action
News JAX whole staff for their
great coverage!
As of August 15, 2019, we have the
student nominated by APAE. She is
Bruna Cremer da Rocha, 19 years old, in
the center of the photo on the right. She
will be coming with Maria Helena Algeri, a
staff member of APAE and on the far right
on the same photo. She will guarantee
the student wellbeing while she is in the
Welcome, Bruna and Maria Helena!
On September 4, 2019, APAE announced on an
internal ceremony.
Click here to see more photos of the ceremony.
On the photo, from left to right:
- Evilasio Schmitz (APAE President)
- Maria Helena Algeri (APAE staff that will
accompany Bruna)
- Bruna Cremer da Rocha (APAE student coming)
- Vilson da Rocha (Bruna's father)
- Maria Augusta Cremer (Bruna's mother)
Introductory video exchange:
It was a long journey that started in March with several individual and
corporate support and I want to thank each one of you for the results:
Click here to see Bruna and Maria Helena travel plan for the week they